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Navigating the Path to Your Dream Home: A Guide to Purchasing Titled Land 

If you’re looking to embark on the exciting journey of building your dream home, one of the crucial steps in this process is purchasing land.  

As you explore your options, you’ll likely come across the terms ‘titled land’ and ‘untitled land’. Untitled land means the lot is not yet registered with the council and needs to go through the titling process, while titled is land build-ready. 

At Harriott, we have a range of titled lots available, giving purchasers a faster pathway to homeownership. Let’s explore the process you can expect to navigate when you purchase titled land. 

The Big Benefit of Buying Titled Land 

The biggest benefit of buying titled land is the ability to start building your dream home right away. Unlike purchasing untitled land where you have to wait for pending approvals, service connections and registration, titled land is ready for immediate transfer and development. This means your builder is able to access your lot for the necessary preliminary works, and building can commence.  

  1. Purchase the Land 

Your journey begins with finding the perfect block of land that resonates with your vision and requirements. Here are some crucial questions to ask the land agent during this phase: 

  • Are there any easements or restrictions on the land? Easements can affect where you can build or place certain structures, so it’s essential to understand any restrictions upfront. 
  • Are there any covenants or requirements? Certain land lots may be bound by covenants or requirements which will dictate what you can and can’t do. For example, the lot may have a certain set back, may require a specific type of fencing, or must house a single or double story design. 
  • What are the anticipated site costs? Not all land is made equal. Some land lots require more work in order for it to be build ready. Lots with greater fall (slope), or that require more fill (earth added to the lot to make it stable), can incur greater site costs. 
  • Where is the crossover located? A crossover is the side of the house where your driveway, garage or carport will be located. 
  • Where is key infrastructure located? Ask your land sales consultant about the location of infrastructure such as Telstra pits, electrical substations, and temporary or permanent water treatment plants. 
  • Are there any incentives on offer? It may not seem like a big deal, but fencing or front landscaping can save you money.  
  1. Explore Display Homes 

Once you’ve secured your land, the next step is to visit a display village where you can walk through different builders’ home designs and view their inclusions. This is your chance to explore different architectural styles, floor plans, and finishes and compare pricing, inclusions and extras.  

During this process, it’s important that you gain a clear understanding of what’s included in the base price of each home, and what is an extra charge. Here are some questions you can ask when visiting display homes: 

  • Can you provide us with a list of standard inclusions for this home design? 
  • Can you point out which features are not included as standard? 
  • Can I make changes to the floorplan? 
  • What interior and exterior selections can I choose from? 
  • Can you provide a portfolio of your recent homes? 
  1. Choose and Personalise Your Dream Home  

This is perhaps the most exciting step. You’ll select your dream home and work with your chosen builder to personalise it to meet your unique needs and expectations. During this process, it’s important that your builder knows the orientation and aspect of your block, so they can help you choose a design that maximises natural light and overall comfort within your home and garden. It’s also important to have realistic expectation for what home size and design will fit within your lot’s dimensions.  

  1. Consult the Harriott Design Guidelines 

In planned communities like Harriott, there are often design guidelines in place to maintain aesthetic harmony and uphold property values. These guidelines typically cover aspects such as building materials, colours, and landscaping requirements. You and your builder will need to consult these guidelines before construction commences to ensure your home aligns with the guidelines and requirements. 

  1. The Construction Process 

Once you’ve signed off on your home design, your builder will move through the construction process, which typically looks like this: 

  • Pre-construction and site preparation 
  • Base stage 
  • Frame stage 
  • Lock-up stage 
  • Fixing stage 
  • Completion 

Tip: Have Your Own Inspector for Peace of Mind 

Engaging an independent qualified building inspector to assess the quality of construction at key stages can provide invaluable peace of mind. They can identify any potential issues early on and ensure that each stage meets the building regulations and National Construction Code. 

Full length portrait of happy father with two sons hanging pictures on wall while moving in to new home, copy space
  1. Move In and Join the Neighbourhood Shapers 

Once your home is complete, it’s time to move in and start enjoying all the features of your new home and community. At Harriott, we’re passionate about empowering our residents to help shape our community. When you move into your new home at Harriott, we encourage you to become part of our Neighbourhood Shapers Facebook group, where we’ll ask for your invaluable input to ensure we maintain an inclusive, welcoming and people-focused community.  

If you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey of building your new home at Harriott, come and visit us at the corner of Barwon Heads Road and Harriott Road, Armstrong Creek. We look forward to helping you take one step closer to unlocking your dream home. 

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