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Exclusive Interview: We chat with Spiire about Design Excellence at Harriott Armstrong Creek

Recently we sat down with Simon O’Callaghan, Principal, Landscape Architecture at Spiire to discuss the Harriott’s unique design and why it is set to become an asset for the community.

What inspired Harriott’s Landscape Masterplan?

The Curlew Sandpiper was taken as inspiration for the linear reserve, and the reason for that is its migratory pattern that connects to the Sparrovale Wetland which is essentially just north of Harriott. Across the masterplan feature nesting huts, sculptures, and steppingstones pay homage to the dry areas, ephemeral slopes, and unique wetlands frequented by Curlew Sandpiper on its migratory journey to the neighbouring wetlands each summer.

What are some notable features of the Central Park?

The Central Park creates a link to what will be the Hilltop Park to the North, and the neighbourhood activity centre to the South. A fitness track runs along the edge providing safe passage for residents to access both established and future nearby amenities.

Harriott’s central park also features interconnected walkways, sprawling lawns and extensive native planting enriched with colours to attract native birdlife. There are secluded spaces for yoga and meditation, an autumn lawn where deciduous trees flourish and larger areas suitable for local markets and community events.

How is Harriott an example of design excellence?

In designing Harriott, there has been a key focus on nature and connectivity throughout the masterplan. Central Park provides a safe passage for residents to access nearby amenities and the surrounding natural environment.

Harriott has been masterplanned to place every home within proximity to green space, Central Park is unique to this development and will become an asset for Harriott’s future residents.

Jinding is working closely with the Landscape Architecture team at Spiire and local council to design the future Hilltop Park at Harriott, which is set to become a local amenity for residents of all ages to enjoy. We look forward to sharing this with you mid-2023.

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