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A Look at Harriott’s Green Spine

Through the centre of Harriott lies a ‘green spine’, which features a series of connected walkways, lawns, open spaces, and gardens. Jinding, together with landscape architects, Spiire, have designed each space with the aim that every member of the family will have a spot where they love to play, bask in the sunlight, or host a social get-together.

Enclosed by shaded canopies of lush greenery, the park combines wide-open lawns with smaller, pocketed, secluded areas designed for play and fitness. We’ve also included larger open spaces for local markets and community events for all to enjoy! There are more private areas for yoga and meditation and active pedestrian trails for those who love to stroll and work up a sweat while enjoying nature. In addition, there are well-equipped picnic areas for entertaining friends and family.

Throughout the linear park, you’ll see extensive native planting enriched with colours, which will attract the native birdlife. There are steppingstones and inviting nesting huts that reflect the dry areas, ephemeral slopes, and unique wetlands frequented by the Curlew Sandpiper on its migratory journey to the neighbouring wetlands each summer.

Across Harriott’s masterplan, we’ve drawn inspiration from this theme. A ridge offers expansive views of the serene neighbouring wetlands in the community park, highlighting the idyllic lifestyle that Harriott will be. There’ll also be many native plants and trees that complement these natural surroundings and attract native birds.

Construction on Harriott’s ‘green spine’ is already underway, with completion expected mid-year. The completion date will be perfectly timed for when we welcome Harriott’s first residents in Stage 1 to 3 – many of whom have already commenced construction on their future homes! We look forward to welcoming you to this serene park with glorious green spaces explicitly designed to enable our residents to relax, play and enjoy nature.

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