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Things to look forward to at Harriott

It’s with great excitement that we share some highlights for the year to come. We have plans to release more sites for new homes, and will be delivering wonderful green spaces which will create many more exciting opportunities for the growing community at Harriott. The construction of Green Spaces is well underway, with the development of the Green Spine an integral part of Harriott. The Green Spine, once completed, will ensure that every home within Harriott will be within 200m of green space, providing perfect spaces for people to connect, relax and enjoy nature.

Furthermore, the construction of Stage 3 is now complete, and the earthworks of both Stages 4 and 4B are underway. We plan to deliver close to 100 lots at Harriott this year, ready for another 100 new homes. In 2022, community connections will continue to grow. Many opportunities to meet with others will arise enabling residents to meet up and create friendships with their neighbours. There’s also a resident-run Facebook group that will provide the opportunity for all Harriott landowners to get to know their fellow residents. Click here to connect. Currently, construction has begun on the first of the houses, and we are very excited to soon be welcoming the first residents and their families to Harriott. We know that they are going to love calling Harriott home! This is just the beginning as many more people will soon start construction on their new homes and will become a part of this wonderful and welcoming community.

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