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Get up to $30k* toward your first home with time to save!

Your new home is even closer with our Build Bonus.

We’ll contribute $10,000* toward your new home with one of our preferred builder partners, saving you more on your future home on select lots at Harriott.

For eligible first home buyers, this is in addition to the regional First Home Owner Grant of $20,000 which means assistance of up to $30,000 toward your new home.

Harriott offers a great opportunity to secure your new home today without the pressure of land settlement and home construction right away, giving you more time to save!

To be eligible for our Build Bonus, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Put a deposit on an eligible lot at Harriott at Armstrong Creek.

2) Select a home design that suits your lot from one of our trusted builder partners.

These builders offer great value for money and have a range of designs meeting Harriott’s Design Guidelines, which exist to safeguard the investment in your home by ensuring your neighbourhood is kept to a high standard.

We’ve curated some great packages from these builders that are eligible for the bonus, they can be found here and identified by the “Build Bonus” sticker. You can however, select an alternate home design from their range.

3) Once you’ve selected an eligible lot at Harriott, and a home design from a participating builder partner, you will:

  • Enter into a Land Contract with Harriott at Armstrong Creek.
  • Enter into a Building Contract with your chosen builder.

4) Harriott will then contribute $10,000* towards your building contract, paid once your slab has been poured. Your builder will invoice Harriott directly for this payment.

We, and our builder partners are here to help you through this process. It’s been designed to ease the cost of building whilst giving you the flexibility you need to choose the home design you want.

Should you have any questions relating to our Build Bonus or your new home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


*Eligibility criteria, and terms and conditions apply:

This program applies to lots where a land contract and a building contract are entered into after 3 June 2020 and prior to 31 July 2020 (settlements may occur after that date), and only to new purchasers of a House and Land Package on a specified lot.

  1. To qualify for the Build Bonus Payment the Purchaser must strictly comply with the Build Bonus Purchaser Deed (available from the Land Sales Agent upon request or at time of signing Land Sales Contract) and these terms and conditions.
  2. A legally binding land sales contract on an eligible lot (116, 124, 206 or as otherwise agreed) must be signed by the purchaser after 3 June 2020 and before 31 July 2020 with the Land Owner.
  3. Further, a legally binding building contract with an approved Builder within 90 days of signing the land sales contract for a House and Land Package at Harriott Armstrong Creek. Approved Builders at Harriott Armstrong Creek include:
    • Burbank
    • Fairhaven Homes
    • Additional builders may be added during the promotion period.
  4. The Build Bonus Payment will be paid by JD Armstrong Creek 1 Pty Ltd to the nominated Builder as soon as reasonably practicable after the Builder provides photographic evidence or certification by the building surveyor named in the Building Contract that the slab for the Dwelling has been completed (to the Vendor’s absolute satisfaction).

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